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Quizzes & Midterm Questions (Bundled):

BIOS 105 Week 1 Quiz

1.    (TCO1) Which of these is NOT a survival need:

2.    (TCO1) Your body thermostat is located in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Which of the following elements of a control system does this area in the brain represent:

3.    (TCO1) Which ventral cavity subdivision has no bony protection:

4.    (TCO1) The lungs and heart are in the __________ body cavity.

5.    (TCO1) The ribs are located in the:

6.    (TCO1) Which of the following orientation and directional terms have the same meaning (in humans) :

7.    (TCO2) Ninety-six percent of the human body is composed of the elements:

8.    (TCO2) Which of the following statements is correct regarding the electrical charge of subatomic particles:

9.    (TCO2) When a pair of electrons is shared equally between two atoms, the bond formed is called a(n) :

10.  (TCO2) Glucose and starch are examples of:

11.  (TCO2) Which of the following substances below is matched with its correct organic group:

12.  (TCO2) Water is useful in body processes because:

BIOS 105 Week 2 Quiz

1.    (TCO3) The correct order of phases of the cell cycle is:

2.    (TCO3) The molecule that carries an amino acid to the ribosome for incorporation into a protein is:

3.    (TCO3) Looking into a microscope, you notice cells swimming, propelled by a long tail. What cell structure must these cells have in order to be mobile:

4.    (TCO3) Two types of active transport are

5.    (TCO5) Epidermal cells that are actively mitotic and replace superficial cells that are continually rubbed off are:

6.    (TCO5) Melanocytes are found in the:

7.    (TCO5) Although you get wet while swimming, a tough protein within the skin prevents it from soaking up moisture like a sponge. This substance is:

8.    (TCO5) Which of the following relationships is incorrect:

9.    (TCO4) The epidermis is composed of:

10.  (TCO4) The tissue that is usually well vascularized and has an extensive extracellular matrix is called:

11.  (TCO4) Which of the following is NOT connective tissue:

12.  (TCO4) Which of these characteristics best describes cardiac muscle

BIOS 105 Week 3 Quiz

1.    (TCO6) There are __________ vertebrae in the neck region.

2.    (TCO6) Which of these bones is NOT a long bone found in the leg:

3.    (TCO6) Fingers and toes are referred to as:

4.    (TCO6) The factor(s) that determine where bone matrix is to be remodeled is (are):

5.    (TCO6) Which is the correct order of ribs, from superior to inferior:

6.    (TCO6) Articulations permitting only slight degrees of movement are ____, whereas articulations permitting no movement are called _______.

7.    (TCO7)Which of the following muscles are antagonists:

8.    (TCO7) Acetylcholine is:

9.    (TCO7) A sarcomere is:

10.  (TCO7) Muscle tissue that has involuntary regulation of contraction is:

11.  (TCO6) The axial skeleton contains which of the following

12.  (TCO7) Which of these events must occur first to trigger the skeletal muscle to generate an action potential and contract:

BIOS 105 Week 4 Midterm

1.    (TCO8) The vital centers for the control of visceral activities such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, swallowing, and vomiting are located in the:

2.    (TCO8) Impulse conduction is fastest in neurons that are:

3.    (TCO8) The neuron processes that normally receive incoming stimuli are called:

4.    (TCO8) The fibrous outermost tunic seen anteriorly as the "white of the eye" is the:

5.    (TCO8) The three sets of color receptors within the retina are sensitive to wavelengths of visible light that are:

6.    (TCO9) An enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting from a deficiency of dietary iodine is called:

7.    (TCO9) The body's major metabolic hormone is called:

8.    (TCO9) Most endocrine organs are prodded into action by other hormones; this type of stimulus is called:

9.    (TCO7) Which one of the following is composed of myosin protein:

10.  (TCO6) A bone fracture where the bone is broken into many fragments is a:

11.  (TCO5) Which of the following is an indication of melanoma:

12.  (TCO4) Which type of tissue conducts electrochemical impulses:

13.  (TCO3) Which of these characteristics best describes cardiac muscle tissue:

14.  (TCO2) The atomic number of an atom reveals the number of:

15.  (TCO1) Which of the following is the correct order of elements in a control system:

BIOS 105 Week 5 Quiz

1.    (TCO 1) Match the following anatomical terms to their meaning

2.    (TCO 1) Match the following systems to their function

3.    (TCO 3) Match the following

4.    (TCO 4) Match the tissue type with its function

5.    (TCO 6) Match the following

6.    (TCO 7) Match the following

7.    (TCO 8) Match the following

8.    (TCO 9) Match the following actions with the appropriate hormone

BIOS 105 Week 6 Quiz

1.    (TCO10) Which chemical is released to bring about vasoconstriction during the vascular spasm phase of hemostasis:

2.    (TCO10) Which of the following is a blood clotting disorder:

3.    (TCO10) Which one of the following groups consist of granulocytes:<

BIOS 105 Quizzes & Midterm

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