• BIOS 251 Midterm

Questions 1-20:

1.    Atoms bonded together to form a chemical unit are called

2.    When one atom has a stronger attraction for shared electrons in a bond than the other atom, a(an) _____ covalent bond is formed.

3.    The lower the pH,

4.    Organic compounds always contain _______ atoms.

5.    Which of the following is NOT a monosaccharide?

6.    Glycogen is                       

7.    How many different amino acids compose all human polypeptides (proteins)? 

8.    The coiling or folding of a polypeptide chain is the ____ structure of a protein. 

9.    If a protein has more than one polypeptide arranged together, this is the ____ structure of a protein. 

10.  Any process that causes an irreversible change in the shape of a protein is called .

11.  Which of the following molecules is the primary energy carrier in cells? 

12.  The period of interphase when DNA is replicated is the

13.  Cytokinesis occurs during

14.  Several layers of epithelial cells with columnar basal cells and squamous free surface cells would be called

15.  Which of the following is a type of loose fibrous connective tissue?

16.  What type of connective tissue is composed of all three types of fibers, has a spider-web appearance, and binds tissues together?   

17.  The epidermis

18.  Which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer? 

19.  Pain is rarely felt from a

20.  Match the following terms to the image:

BIOS 251 Midterm

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