• BIOS 252 Week 4 | Midterm Review

Questions: 1- 18

1.   T Tubules are extensions of the _____ in skeletal muscle?

2.   CN III innervates with of the following muscle?

3.   The brain and spinal cord are part of the ______ nervous system?

4.   A wheelbarrow is an example of a _______ class lever?

5.   The muscle contraction pulling on its insertion point, corresponds to what part of the lever system?

6.   A synovial joint corresponds to what part of the lever stem?

7.   When would voltage-gated Sodium channels open rapidly?

8.   Which of the following muscle closes the lips?

9.    Synergists prevent unwanted movements during an action, or aid the agonist during the movement.

10.  EPSP stands for _________

11.  EPSPs occur when ______

12.  The Platysma muscle is a muscle of mastication

13.  The type of muscle contraction where the muscle contracts but exhibits no change in length is called

14.  Calcium is released from the SR when an action potential opens gated ion channels located in the

15.  The neurotransmitter found at synapses between the motor neurons and human skeletal muscles, or at the neuromuscular junction is ________

16.  The neurotransmitters that function primarily in the CNS are dopamine and serotonin

17.  A propagated change in the membrane potential of part of the cell membrane is an action potential

18.  A chemical synapse is most likely to dominate which system?

BIOS 252 Week 4 | Midterm Review

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