• ETHC 445 Week 4 Assignment | Academic Scholarship Presentation

Academic Scholarship Presentation

Using academic scholarly research, find an article that addresses an ethical dilemma from the past five years and annotate it thoroughly. 

  • What are the key points to the article? Summarize the dilemma. 
  • What are the key terms of the article? 
  • What conflicts or controversies does it raise? 
  • Where can you offer analysis or an original point of view? 

Work with a partner to share this assignment collaboratively and create a combined oral presentation. Consider creating a youtube video, MP3 podcast (if you have those skills) or a video presentation.

What is in the attachment:

  • 7 Slides
  • Podcast Embedded in each slide
  • Regarding Case: A 17-year-old teen declined to take chemotherapy to treat her Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is a serious ethical dilemma. She should be able to have the right to choose what she wants to do. But a doctor/ hospital must also do what is best for their patients. The problem is that she is a 17 year old and is still a minor so she is cared for by her parents. Because she is 17 and is still a minor her parents have the legal right to make the decision for her. Her mother feels that she should be able to choose what she wants to do regarding her health and she supports her decision. “Courts have the authority to overrule parents when their medical decisions threaten the life or health of their offspring. In such cases, temporary custody is removed from the parents and a specific guardian is appointed to make medical decisions for the minor.”

ETHC 445 Week 4 Assignment | Academic Scholarship Presentation

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