• HSM 542 Week 4 | Midterm Exam
Week 4

Questions: 1-5

1.  (TCO G) You are the risk manager for a large hospital and recently have been assigned to review a potential malpractice case for Dr. Johnson. The hospital CEO has asked you to assess whether the physician and hospital are negligent in the care of the patient. Discuss and describe the elements you will be looking for to determine if negligence may have occurred. (Points : 25)

2.  (TCO C) Advanced directives have made it possible for patients to have important new rights for self-determination of care when end-of-life decisions must be made, but they have also brought about crucial new responsibilities for healthcare facilities and their leaders. What are the primary responsibilities of hospitals and other medical facilities regarding advance directives? (Points : 20)

3.  (TCO F) Discuss three types of discrimination in the workplace and the federal regulations that have been implemented to protect employees from this discrimination. (Points : 25)

4.  (TCO B) Discuss two legal cases that have impacted abortion in the United States. Describe the specific ethical issue that was impacted by the outcome of the case. (Points : 25)

5.  (TCO D) Define informed consent and why it is important. Identify one legal case that has involved an issue of informed consent and the outcome of the case. (Points : 25)

HSM 542 Week 4 | Midterm Exam

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