• MGMT 404 Week 4 | Quiz

MGMT 404 Week 4 Quiz

1.   (TCO 1) Which document is created during the initiation phase of a project? (Points : 5)

2.   (TCO 1) Projects have specific attributes. Which of the following is not an attribute of a project? (Points : 5)

3.   (TCO 1) The purpose of a project charter is to

4.   (TCO 1) Which document on a project authorizes the project manager to begin work on the project? (Points : 5)

5.   (TCO 2) Which step of the project life cycle defines the project scope? (Points : 5)

6.   (TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project deliverable? (Points : 5)

7.   (TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project constraint? (Points : 5)

8.   (TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project assumption?

9.   (TCO 3) The longest continuous path of activities from beginning to end on a project describes the (Points : 5)

10.  (TCO 3) The critical path in a project describes which of the following? (Points : 5)

11.  (TCO 3) Hammock activities are used to do which of the following?

12.  (TCO 3) What values are calculated on the backward pass of a project network? (Points : 5)

13.  (TCO 3) What values are calculated on the forward pass of a project network? (Points : 5)

14.  (TCO 5) In which process of risk management is the risk register initially created? (Points : 5)

15.  (TCO 5) A risk matrix is used to _____.  A risk register is a _____. (Points : 5)

16.  (TCO 5) In which process of risk management are risks prioritized or ranked?

17.  (TCO 5) In which process of risk management are proactive and reactive strategies considered? (Points : 5)

18.  (TCO 5) Contingency plans are created (Points : 5)

19.  (TCO 1) Before one can begin writing a charter, one must consider the most appropriate organization for the project. You are the project manager for a company that integrates custom data solutions for large corporate enterprises. This project will span two or three years and will cost tens of millions of dollars. This is a large, very involved project. Which of the five organization structures is most suitable? Why? (Points : 20)

20.  (TCO 1) Compare and contrast the project charter and the project scope as used in project management. (Points : 20)

21.  (TCO 2) You are reaching the end of your graduate school program and are planning a large party to celebrate your success! You have rented out the local forest preserve as the venue for your party. Applying your project management skills, you want to ensure you have everything planned out and you’ve asked your family and friends to be a part of your team to hold this party. At your party, you have made it clear to your team what you want to have delivered. After all, it’s your party— you can have whatever you want! Some of the key items you want at your party include:

graduation announcements;

party invitations;

live entertainment;

games (for adults and for children);


beverages; and

convenience for all (parking, restroom facilities, etc.).

Part 1: To ensure you have a clear scope for your team, create a 2-level WBS. Don’t forget to include your WBS numbering (15 points).

Part 2: In your WBS, how many work packages have been created? (5 points) (Points : 20)

22.  (TCO 5) A firm hosts data-mining servers and performs data mining for other companies that do not desire the costs of hardware, software, or expertise to data mine their data. The firm is planning to roll out faster data-mining software that will reduce the time to sift through customers’ data by a fraction of the present time.

Part 1: List and discuss the major risk management functions from a project management perspective for the data-mining software project. (15 points)

Part 2: Describe a positive and negative risk event, the consequences, and the risk-response plans for the data-mining software project. (15 points) (Points : 20)

23.  (TCO 9) Compare and contrast how a scope is created in traditional project management versus one created in agile project management. (Points : 20)

MGMT 404 Week 4 | Quiz

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