• SEC 571 Week 7 Course Project (Aircraft Solutions)

SEC 571 Week 7 Course Project is related to Security Assessment & Recommendations for Aircraft Solutions. It is the Phase II (Part I and II) of the course project. Phase II – the Course Project (comprised of Phase I and II) – Recommend solutions to the potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions.

Grading Rubrics




Security Weaknesses


Identifies two plausible and significant weaknesses from required list (hardware, software, policy). Includes realistic vulnerability(s) associated with the asset or policy, plausible and likely threats against the asset or policy, an estimation of likelihood that the threat will occur (risk), the consequences to mission critical business processes should the threat occur, and how the organization’s competitive edge will be affected should the threat occur

Definition of Solution


Includes vendor and major specifications, and identifies the relevant security features as related to the weakness identified. If hardware, includes location of placement with diagram. Policy solutions include the complete portion of the policy that effectively address the weakness identified. Any outsourced solution must include the above details and the critical elements of the service level agreement.



Demonstrates the efficacy of the solution in terms of the identified threats and vulnerabilities. Includes complete costs, including purchase, implementation, training, and maintenance as needed.

Impact on Business Processes


Addresses plausible, potential positive, or negative effects on business processes. Discusses trade-off between security and business requirements using quantitative statements.



Writing quality and flow demonstrates a graduate-level writing competency and does not contain misspellings, poor grammar, incorrect punctuation, and questionable sentence structure (syntax errors).



A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

SEC 571 Week 7 Course Project (Aircraft Solutions)

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