• BIOS 255 Week 8 | Final Exam (Potential Essays)

Questions: 1-10

1.   Describe innate and adaptive immune systems, how they work and how they interact.

2.   Explain the various subclasses of antibodies – how they are similar, how they differ.

3.   Define ventilation, external respiration and internal respiration. Be sure to identify their functions and were they occur.

4.   Explain the neural control of ventilation including brain centers, sensory and motor signals.

5.   Describe how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported in the blood with a special emphasis on the factors that affect the loading/unloading of these gases in the lungs vs. tissues.

6.   List and briefly describe the major functions of the various subclasses of T-cells.

7.   Explain the similarities and differences between primary and secondary responses of the adaptive immune response

8.   Functions of the Spleen

9.   All muscles used in exhaling and inhaling

10.  Know the characteristics of the thymus

11.  Know the components of the lymphatic system

12.  Know the conduction system for air

13.  Where gas exchange occurs in the lung and how this occurs

14.  Function of RBCs, T-cells, B-cells, Cytotoxic T cells, Natural killer cells

15.  Return of lymph to venous circulation.

16.  Know the process of inhalation and exhalation (the steps involved)

BIOS 255 Week 8 | Final Exam (Potential Essays)

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