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Questions: 1-10


A random sample of 89 observations produced a mean x = 25.7 and a standard deviation s=2.5.

a.  Find a 95% confidence interval for u.

b.  Find a 90% confidence interval for u.

c.  Find a 99% confidence interval for u.


A company wants to test a randomly selected sample of n water specimens and estimate the mean daily rate of pollution produced by a mining operation. If the company wants a 95% confidence interval estimate with a sampling error of 1.1 milligrams per liter (mg/L), how many water specimens are required in the sample? Assume prior knowledge indicates that pollution readings in water samples taken during a day are approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation equal to 7 mg/L.



Each child in a sample of 65 low income children was administered a language and communication exam. The sentence complexity scored had a mean of 7.61 and a standard deviation of 8.95. Complete parts a through d.

a.  From the sample, estimate the true mean sentence complexity score of all low-income children.

b.  Form a 90% confidence interval for the estimate, part a

c.  Give a practical explanation of the interval, part b

d.  Suppose the true mean sentence complexity score of middle income children is known to be 15.55 is there evidence that the true mean for low income children differs from 15.55.

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MATH 533 Week 4 | Quiz

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