• SOCS 185 Complete Course Project | All Parts
All Weeks (2, 4 & 7) Course Projects All Parts (1, 2 & 3) - Bundle


Students will complete a three-part Course Project allowing an opportunity to interview a person from another culture, apply what was learned during the interview to specific cultural concepts, and to create a summary.

SOCS 185 Week 2 Course Project Part 1 | Identification of Person to be interviewed 

Week 2 Part 1: Identification of Person to be Interviewed from Another Culture and Culture Overview

Assignment Topic: 

Identify a person from another culture (to be interviewed in Part 2) and then provide an overview of their culture by reading about that culture.

SOCS 185 Week 4 | Course Project Part 2 | Interview Questions and Transcript

Week 4 Part 2: Interview Questions and Transcript

Assignment Topic:

Develop a set of questions (open-ended) to interview the person from another culture you identified in Week 2 and provide a transcript (written responses) from this interview.

SOCS 185 Week 7 | Course Project Part 3 | Cultural Summary

Week 7 Part 3: Course Project Culture Summary

Assignment Topic:

Present a summary about another culture based on previous readings and the responses from your interview of a person from that culture.

SOCS 185 Complete Course Project | All Parts

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