• SOCS 185 Week 2 | Quiz


  • The Week 2 Quiz is open book, open notes.
  • You may use the search feature of the eBook or website, but avoid general Internet searches (Google, Yahoo, etc.) which often produce non-sociological information and wrong answers.
  • The maximum time you can spend in the quiz is 2 hours. 
  • In the Week 2 Quiz environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, and so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications.
Note: Updated/Valid from July 2018 on wards.



(TCO 1) The systematic study of human society is known as______________.


(TCO 1) The study of the larger world and our society’s place in it is known as______________.


(TCO 1) A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to______________.


(TCO 3) Of the major theoretical theories in sociology, which one views society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability?


(TCO 3) Functions of an institution that unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern, are known as______________.


(TCO 2) Gambling researcher Althea Andrasia runs repeated tests on her measure of addiction to check for consistency in measurement. Her goal is to ensure that the measure has______________.


(TCO 2) Effect is to cause, as______________.


(TCO 2) A relationship in which two (or more) variables change together is called______________.


(TCO 2) What research method was used in Philip Zimbardo’s study, the “Stanford County Prison”?


(TCO 2) An apparent, although false, association between two variables that is caused by a third variable is called______________.


(TCO 4) On the first day of basic training in the army, Pvt. N. Terprize has his civilian clothes replaced with army “greens,” has his hair shaved off, loses his privacy, and finds that he must use a communal bathroom and other people decide when he eats, sleeps, and what job he does. Erving Goffman would say that all these humiliating activities are part of______________.


(TCO 4) Radically changing someone’s personality by carefully controlling their environment is the process of______________.


(TCO 4) Charles Horton Cooley used the following phrase to mean a self-image based on how we think others see us.


(TCO 4) Pavlovian researcher Isabel Ringing is a daughter, mother, sister, friend, and tennis team member. Each of those represent Isabel’s______________.


(TCO 4) When Charles Horton Cooley used the term, "the looking-glass self," he was referring to the fact that______________.


(TCO 3) Taxi cab driver Peacup Andropov maintains that human behavior results from learning and has no gentic component. His position is the fundamental opposite of______________.


(TCO 3) The appearance of Harley-Davidson dealerships in China, or KFC franchises in Japan, is a sign of what aspect of culture?


(TCO 3) Judging another culture by the standards of one’s own culture is______________; while judging any culture by its own standards is______________.


(TCO 3) Which of the following is a statement based on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?


(TCO 3) What is the term to refer to the judging another culture by the standards of one’s own culture?

SOCS 185 Week 2 | Quiz

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