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Quiz 3: Data Analysis Functions

1.   Question: (TCO 4) How many possibilities exist when thinking about the freeze options?

2.   Question: (TCO 4) In Excel, a table is defined as _____.

3.   Question: (TCO 4) To create a table from an existing range of data, _____.

4.   Question: (TCO 4) Filtering the Cost column (field) to show only records greater than $10,000 is an application of _____.

5.   Question: (TCO 4) To apply a red background color to cells for employees who have sales greater than $1,000, you can use _____.

6.   Question: (TCO 4) Using Conditional Formatting to draw attention to cells that are blank _____.

7.   Question: (TCO 4) For subtotals to be useful and accurate, it is important that the data be _____

8.   Question: (TCO 4) _____ are created to organize and summarize data in pivot tables.

9.   Question: (TCO 4) When creating a pivot table, you should use a good descriptive name as a best practice because _____.

10.  Question: (TCO 4) To create a calculated field, select _____ located on the Pivot Table Tools Options tab.

11.  Question: (TCO 4) Excel applies basic formatting to pivot tables such as _____.

12.  Question: (TCO 4) Excel uses the SUM function as the default summary statistic for the Value Field Settings. Which of the following calculations can you choose to summarize a value?

13.  Question: (TCO 4) The _____ and _____ are used to fine-tune a pivot table with specific data.

14.  Question: (TCO 4) When Excel creates a pivot chart, it uses the current pivot table settings. If you want to change that data you might use _____.

15.  Question: (TCO 4) Pivot charts look best when they use basic charts, such as a _____.

BIS 155 Week 3 | Quiz

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