• BIS 155 Week 6 | Quiz
Quiz 6: What-If Analysis

1.  Question (TCO 6) Which of the following tools is an add-in?

2.  Question (TCO 6) Which of the following is NOT in the What-If Analysis command in the Data Tools group on the Data tab?

3.  Question (TCO 6) In a data table, the _____ number format is used to disguise the formula references in thefirst row as labels.

4.  Question (TCO 6) A series of ______ indicates that which of a column is too narrow to display the complete number

5.  Question (TCO 6) In order to complete a two variable data table, which of the following must be included in the table?

6.  Question (TCO 6) In the goal seek dialog box, the cell reference of the desired value is entered in the _____ box.

7.  Question (TCO 6) Where is scenario manager located in excel

8.  Question (TCO 6) To optimize the monthly payments, you would designate the home cost, down payment, APR, and number of years for the loan as the ______ variable cells.

9.   Question (TCO 6) Which is the best for determining the optimal blend of products to produce in order to maximize profit?

10.  Question (TCO 6) Which What-if analysis tool is the best tool for evaluating the various scenarios based on variable within a formula?

11.  Question (TCO 6) Which What-if analysis tool is the best tool for manipulating one variable to determine one result?

12.  Question (TCO 6) How can you determine id the Solver add-in is active?

13.  Question (TCO 6) The Scenario Manager dialog box enables you to do all the following EXCEPT

14.  Question (TCO 6) The Goal Seek command is located in the _____ command on the Data tab.

15.  Question (TCO 6) The value you want to achieve in Goal Seek needs to be entered in the _____ box in the GoalSeek dialog box.

BIS 155 Week 6 | Quiz

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