• BIS 155 Week 4 | Quiz
Quiz 4: Consolidating Data

1.   Question: (TCO 5) Excel's multiple worksheet abilities can do all of the following except

2.   Question: (TCO 5) In Excel, which of the following would you perform to group nonadjacent worksheets?

3.  Question: (TCO 5) If the active cell is in column A, but not in row 1, when you click the Split command, the worksheet will appear in two ________ panes.

4.   Question: (TCO 5) In Excel, which of the following is not a method for removing a split window?

5.   Question: (TCO 5) Which of the following external references is correct for a workbook and worksheet that have no spaces?

6.   Question: (TCO 5) Excel's ability to manage worksheets allows you to do which of the following?

7.  Question: (TCO 5) If A1 contains the hourly pay rate of $10.25, A2 contains the hours worked (40), and A3 contains =A1*A2, which cell is the dependent cell(s)?

8.  Question: (TCO 5) You use the _____ to find personal data stored in the workbook or personal document properties.

9.   Question: (TCO 5) You annotate a cell with a reminder by inserting a _____.

10.  Question: (TCO 5) To distribute a workbook to others so that it retains the same format and cannot be changed, you would save the workbook as a(n) _____ file.

11.  Question: (TCO 5) Which of the following items cannot be added to the Ribbon?

12.  Question: (TCO 5) What is the cause of the error message File in Use?

13.  Question: (TCO 5) Where is the Track Changes feature located?

14.  Question: (TCO 5) In Excel, what displays the file name, file type, location, size, creation date, modification date, and last accessed date?

15.  Question: (TCO 5) In Excel, what properties are updated automatically that cannot be changed?

BIS 155 Week 4 | Quiz

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