• NRS 434VN Week 1 Shadow Health Assignment | Digital Clinical Experience Orientation | Tina Jones

Topic 1: The Health Assessment of Infants

Log in to Shadow Health https://app.shadowhealth.com/. Complete the online Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience Orientation. Upon completion, submit the lab pass to the instructor in the classroom

Week 1: Digital Clinical Experience Orientation

Objectives & Instructions


When Speaking with Digital Standardized Patients:

  1. Ask simple and direct questions
  2. Ask specific questions
  3. Provide context for the patient


Learn to navigate the Digital Clinical Experienceâ„¢

  1. Use the Communication Box
  2. Practice two procedures using the Exam Menu and Body Map
  3. Learn to document findings in the Electronic Health Record
  4. Complete post-exam activities, including the Hallway, Review Questions, and Self-Reflection
  5. View Results Page


Before the Orientation:

  1. If you use a laptop, plug in your power cord
  2. Close any other browser tabs, windows, and programs you are not actively using

During the Orientation:

  1. Follow the preceptor’s guidance
  2. Read and consider all of the information presented


  1. Overview
  2. Transcript
  3. Subjective Data Collection
  4. Objective Data Collection
  5. Documentation
  6. Hallway Interaction
  7. Multiple Choice Question
  8. Open Text Question
  9. Reflection Prompt

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NRS 434VN Week 1 Shadow Health Assignment | Digital Clinical Experience Orientation | Tina Jones

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