• NUR 631 Topic 4 | Quiz | Version 3

Topic 1 and 2 Cellular Changes & Genetic & Developmental Disorders & Immune System, Infection Disease, & Environmental Disorders.

1.  Question: A 35-year-old female is diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. Her pancreas is releasing amylase and lipase, which will lead to a _________ necrosis

2.  Question: An individual is more susceptible to infections of mucous membranes when he or she has a seriously low level of which immunoglobulin antibody?

3.  Question: What is the role of natural killer (NK) cells?

4.  Question: A person with type O blood is likely to have high titers of which antibodies?

5.  Question: A cross-section of a heart from a 45-year-old African American male with long-standing hypertension who died of a stroke is most likely to show which of following adaptive changes?

6.  Question: Which type of cell adaptation occurs when normal columnar ciliated epithelial cells of the bronchial lining have been replaced by stratified squamous epithelial cells?

7.  Question: What type of necrosis results from ischemia of neurons and glial cells?

8.  Question: The two most important risk factors for type 2 diabetes are:

9.  Question: Exhaustion occurs if stress continues when which stage of the general adaptation syndrome is not successful?

10.   Question: Vaccinations are able to provide protection against certain microorganisms because of the:

11.   Question: Activation of the classical pathway begins with:

12.   Question: Examples of multifactorial diseases associated with adults include: (Select all that apply.)

13.   Question: What is the vascular effect of histamine released from mast cells?

14.   Question: The abnormal proliferation of cells in response to excessive hormonal stimulation is called:

15.   Question: Which cells lose their ability to replicate and divide? (Select all that apply.)

16.   Question: Cystic fibrosis is caused by what type of gene?

17.   Question: Which statement is true regarding immunodeficiency?

18.   Question: In the later stages of an inflammatory response, which phagocytic cell is predominant?

NUR 631 Topic 4 | Quiz | Version 3

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