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Questions: 1-20

1.  (TCO B) Two fundamentally different types of data are

2.  (TCO B) Having a conversation with someone using a cellular phone is an example of _____ transmission.

3.  (TCO B) Which of the following would be considered a type of wireless media?

4.  (TCO B) Which of the following media can best withstand harsh environmental conditions?

5.  (TCO B) Which of the following is not an important factor to consider when selecting media to be used in a network? (Points : 1)

6.  (TCO B) With which type of digital signaling does the signal always return to zero volts after each bit? (Points : 1)

7.  (TCO B) The height of a sound wave is called its (Points : 1)

8.  (TCO B) In which type of modulation is a 1 distinguished from a 0 by shifting the direction in which the wave begins? (Points : 1)

9.    (TCO B) The  _____ of a circuit determines a circuit’s capacity. (Points : 1)

10.  (TCO B) A(n) _____ divides one high-speed communication circuit into several lower speed circuits for the primary reason of saving communication line costs. (Points : 1)

11.  (TCO B) Which of the following is true with respect to the data link layer? (Points : 1)

12.  (TCO B) Which of the following is not a controlled access method of media access control? (Points : 1)

13.  (TCO B) With contention, (Points : 1)

14.  (TCO B) The two sublayers of the data link layer consist of the media access control sublayer and the (Points : 1)

15.  (TCO B) The primary source of error in data communications is (Points : 1)

16.  (TCO B) The loss of power a signal suffers as it travels from the transmitting computer to a receiving computer is (Points : 1)

17.  (TCO B) Which of the following is not an error detection method used in the data link layer? (Points : 1)

18.  (TCO B) ARQ means that (Points : 1)

19.  (TCO B) Asynchronous transmission (Points : 1)

20.  (TCO B) Calculating the actual throughput of a data communication network is (Points : 1)

MIS 589 Week 2 | Quiz

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