• MIS 589 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2  | Wide Area Networks
Discussion 1: Wide Area Networks (graded)

Cookies Are Us (minicase): Cookies Are Us runs a series of 100 cookie stores across the Midwestern United States and central Canada. At the end of each day, the store sends sales and inventory data to headquarters, which uses the data to headquarters and uses the data to ship new inventory and plan a marketing campaign. 

The company has decided to move to a new WAN. As a consultant,

  1. what kind of WAN architecture would you recommend, and why would you recommend it?
  2. What kind of WAN services would you recommend?
  3. Would you consider scalability and availability of the network services as the most important priority for this company?

Discussion 2: The Internet (graded)
  1. Explain one reason why you might experience long response times in getting a web page from a server in your own city?
  2. How would you check the Internet connection speed from your computer?

MIS 589 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 | Wide Area Networks

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