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Wired, Wireless LANs, and Backbone Networks - Test Your Knowledge Quiz - MCQS  

Questions: 1-20

1.   (TCO C) A(n) ___ allows many users to share the same set of files on a common, shared disk drive. (Points : 1)

2.   (TCO C) Which of the following is not an advantage of using CAT5 unshielded twisted pair for cabling LANs? (Points : 1)

3.   (TCO C) Of the following, which is not true about fiber optic cable? (Points : 1)

4.   (TCO C) Which of the following media can best withstand harsh environmental conditions? (Points : 1)

5.   (TCO C) ___ provide information about resources on the network that are available to the users, such as shared printers, file servers, and application software. (Points : 1)

6.   (TCO C) A switch uses a that is very similar to a routing table used in a router. (Points : 1)

7.   (TCO C) Which of the following can provide fault tolerance for the storage space on a server? (Points : 1)

8.   (TCO C) Breaking a network into smaller parts is called network (Points : 1)

9.   (TCO C) A(n) ___is a radio transceiver that plays the same role as a hub or switch in a wired network and connects the WLAN to the wired network. (Points : 1)

10.   (TCO C) ___antennas project a signal in only one direction and are most often used on the inside of an exterior wall pointing to the inside of the building for security reasons. (Points : 1)

11.   (TCO C) Which of the following is not true about backbone networks? (Points : 1)

12.   (TCO C) Which of the following is not true about Layer 3 switches? (Points : 1)

13.   (TCO C) Which of the following is not a technology layer that is considered when designing backbone networks? (Points : 1)

14.   (TCO C) The backbone architecture layer that is closest to the users is the (Points : 1)

15.   (TCO C) Devices in a rack are connected together using (Points : 1)

16.   (TCO C) Using ___capabilities, network managers can connect VOIP phones directly into a VLAN switch and configure the switch to reserve sufficient network capacity so that they will always be able to send and receive voice messages. (Points : 1)

17.   (TCO C) Most backbone devices are store-and-forward devices. One simple way to improve performance is to ensure that they have (Points : 1)

18.   (TCO C) The biggest drawbacks to VLANs are their (Points : 1)

19.   (TCO C) The ___is the part of the backbone that connects the different backbones together. (Points : 1)

20.   (TCO C) A ___type of BN has a star topology with one device, such as a switch, at its center. (Points : 1)

MIS 589 Week 4 | Quiz

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